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Company Overview

Company Overview


Firewheel Rainforest Nursert has been providing specialist rainforest restoration and regeneration services on the Far North Coast of New South Wales since 1988

Firewheel operates a rainforest nursery and is a major supplier of rainforest plants for reforestation projects in the NSW North Coast Region. The nursery specialises in sub-tropical rainforest trees, shrubs and understorey species endemic to the 

Richmond and Brunswick catchment areas.

Ninety percent of all seed used in the nursery is collected in the local area according to current best practice geneflow guidelines developed by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services.

The nursery has an annual production of 150,000 trees, of over 350 different species.

Firewheel has successfully implemented over one hundred and fifty restoration projects, and has had supervisory involvement with forty rainforest remnant projects. In recent times Firewheel has concentrated on its nursery operation with most of the field work being passed on to previous employees who now offer professional restoration field services.

Firewheel is a local business with experience and expertise in local North Coast habitat restoration. We have a proven track record of providing quality vegetation management advice and expertise, and successfully designing, implementing and maintaining major revegetation projects in the Tweed, Byron, Ballina and Lismore local government areas. We have developed and maintained excellent working relationships with local council staff and state government authorities, as well as private landowners, community groups, business and industry, and other consultants and contractors.

Company Overview
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